E-Mail di alcuni Arbėreshė d'America

Cercate, forse troverete un vostro parente lontano!


1. Donald Sarro Adonsarro@aol.com Ridgefield, CT

  • Heard of us from: I was on the original mailing list
  • Villages: San Giacomo di Cerzeto, San Martino di Finita and maybe others in the Medium Valle Crati.
  • Surnames: Sarro, Licursi, Grandinetti
  • Comments: I find the information that has been sent through the mailing list facinating to say the least. I have found a friend, that was born in the same village as my grandfather, with the same last name (Sarro). We are not related, as there are many Sarro's in the village and they are not related to me. It's a common name, so they say. It will be interesting to visit the area next year.

2. Joseph Pinnola BLUEFIN1@prodigy.net Staten Island, NY

  • Heard of us from: John DeMeis
  • Villages: Mezzojuso
  • Surnames: Pinnola, Sanfilippo, Monastero

3. Brett Shaad BShaadK@aol.com Sacramento, CA, USA

  • Heard of us from: From someone who emailed me with some info
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Zuccaro and Giudera
  • Comments: My Great Grandmother was born in America. However, some of her brother's and sisters, and her parents were from Piana degli Albanesi.



5. Christopher Ramey CPRamey@aol.com Atlanta, GA

  • Villages: Ururi
  • Surnames: Carmanzino, Dabbieri, Ramacciato

6. Janie Reres Classylady100@webtv.net Ananheim Ca. USA

  • Heard of us from: FOUND IT ON THE WEB
  • Villages: the Palemro ariaI am treashing the "Reres" surname. The family Of Joseph Reres, who came to the USA around 1900, I dont know what his wifes name was or his parants names. but he was from the Polermo aria. Anyone knowing of the Reres Family, in htis area, Please contact me.
  • Surnames: "RERES"

7. Laura Heidekrueger Debartolo1@aol.com Chicago, Illinois

  • Heard of us from: Just switiching screen names

8. Frank Lala Frank_James3rd@hotmail.com Los Angeles, California

  • Heard of us from: From Cousin
  • Surnames: Lala & Petta

9. Gabrielle Ophals GEOSHARK@aol.com New York, New York

  • Heard of us from: belonged previously
  • Villages: Vaccarizzo Albanese, Spezzano Grande, Celico (all of Cosenza, Calabria), and Perito (Salerno, Campania - not sure if Arberesh)
  • Comments: I'm really only 1/8 Arberesh - it just so happens to be the primary focus of my research right now (in addition to the most interesting).

10. Edna McCoy Giardialamblia@msn.com Davis, Calif.

  • Heard of us from: Arberesh of Sacramento Club
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina, Marineo
  • Surnames: Manale, Arisco, Alfano, Finazza, Ferrara, Fiorenza, Guarino, Foto, Tripoli

11. Nick Norcia HYTECK37@aol.com Mesa, AZ

  • Heard of us from: Greci Cugibi home page
  • Villages: Greci, Avellino, Italy
  • Surnames: Norcia, Menna, Pucci, Leone
  • Comments: I am just starting to trace my lineage in Greci, but I am also expanding my database for Greci, I have all the birth, marriage, and death indices available in the FHC library. I would be interseted in any other information available and I would happy to help anyone who needs any of the information I have.

12. Laura Heidekrueger Heidek32@aol.com

13. Anthony Cucciarre Iamret@aol New York

  • Heard of us from: Stradiotti
  • Villages: S. Cristina Gela, Province of Palermo Dures,Albania
  • Surnames: Cucciarre and Mandala
  • Comments: Parents Arberesh from S. Cristina Gela. Have relatives in S. Cristina. I have visited there.

14. Joseph Grana JMG62356@aol.com St. Louis, Missouri

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano lead me to site.
  • Villages: Palazzo Adriano
  • Surnames: Grana, Dara, Adrignola
  • Comments: Church records are a great source of information . The priest Papas Jani Stassi of Eparchia Di Piana Degli Albanesi Parrocchia Maria SS. Assunta in Palazzo Adriano (PA) was very helpful in obtaining Certificato Di Battesimo. Though he does not write English, correspondance should be in Italian. The Roman Catholic Church across the square has a priest that does read and write English.

15. Giovanni Battista Vicchio Johnstavar Leonia, NJ

  • Heard of us from: John Cusomano suggested it to me.
  • Villages: Acquaformosa, and all other Arberesh villages
  • Surnames: Vicchio, Capparelli, Matrangolo
  • Comments: I was born in Aquaformosa, so I am the ultimate Arberesh.

16. Alice Holmes LLHol@aol.com Littleton

  • Heard of us from: From Jerry Montalbano
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: I don't know if they are Arberesh or not. Montalbano Guzzardo Cicio Lapiana They are from Contessa

17. Michael Placco LXA@IQUEST.NET Muncie, Indiana

  • Heard of us from: Doing a little research on Southern Italian history and my own heritage
  • Villages: Eianina, Castrovillari, Cosenza
  • Surnames: Placco
  • Comments: Finishing up my graduate work and focusing on Italian culture. Any information is welcomed!!

18. Litsa Kyrellis LitsaKyrellis@bigfoot.com Miami,Florida,USA

  • Heard of us from: Through the Hellenes-Diaspora Greek Genealogy e-list
  • Villages: Not sure yet.
  • Surnames: Kyrelieleison,Kyrelis.

19. Martin Morales LoVerde@aol.com Austin, Texas

  • Heard of us from: Sal Lagattuta
  • Villages: Mezzojuso and Bisaquino
  • Surnames: Mamola

20. Louis Leggio Louledge@POL.net Baton Rouge, La

  • Heard of us from: Schirņ Patricia
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: LoIacono, Schiro'
  • Comments: My grandmother was born in Contessa Entellina and migrated to New Orleans with her parents and sibs in the 1870's. Her father was Antonino LoIacono (later spelled Loicano) and her mother Dominica Schiro'. The family spoke Arberesh. She married George Leggio who migrated from Palermo with a family from Contessa.

21. Luigi Sarro MF8836@mclink.it ROMA, ITALY

  • Heard of us from: My cousin told me.
  • Villages: San Giacomo di Cerzeto SSan Martino di Finita
  • Surnames: Sarro, Garrafa, Tocci


  • Heard of us from: MR. CUSIMANO

23. No name given Mamamia346@AOL.COM Houston

  • Heard of us from: Searching the web
  • Villages: Santa Cristina and Piana dei Albanesi
  • Surnames: Musacchia
  • Comments: Would very much like to trace roots of the Musacchia clan to the 1500's.

24. Marcie Schiro Marcie.c21@excite.com Kingsville

  • Heard of us from: Heard from Leita Spoto.
  • Surnames: Schiro and Caliva
  • Comments: My husband was on your mailing list. We had to switch and put me on. I have a great deal of interest in my husband's heritage. Enjoy read- ing e-mails from everyone on the list.

25. Joseph Martin (Marty) Boa MartyBoa@aol.com New Jersey, USA

  • Heard of us from: Italo-Albanian Culture Website
  • Villages: San Cosmo Albanese (Calabria) San Dimetrio Corone (Calabria)
  • Surnames: Boa Bua Braile Serafina Tocci
  • Comments: My Boa ancestors said they were from Albania, with papers traceable to the Albanese villages of San Cosmo and San Dimetrio Corone in the Calabria region of Italy.

26. Mary McDaniel Mcdlaw@aol.com Leesburg, Florida

  • Heard of us from: One of the other suscribers.
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina and Palazzo Andriano
  • Surnames: Not sure if Arberesh--MARRONE, DiMICELI and MARINO
  • Comments: My father and his first cousins tell of their parents all speaking a dialect some refer to as Greek or Gheg. None have told me of actual link to Arberesh. want to learn all I can about my grandparents. Extremely grateful and impressed to Patriarch and others sharing their knowledge with those uneducated to these matters like me.

27. Michael Mannino MichaelAmy@aol.com Safety Harbor, Florida

  • Heard of us from: From Sal Lagattuta
  • Villages: Mezzojuso
  • Surnames: Como
  • Comments: My grandfather was Gaspare Como from the village of Mezzojuso. I have visited there twice. I am extremely interested in tracing my genealogy. Anything I can learn from you would be fantastic. I have been told about our Albanian roots. My family there worships at the Byzantine rite church. We've even had some priests in our family there. Other family names from Mezzojuso are: DiGiacomo, Meli, Lobello (I don't know if any of these are also Arberesh).

28. Doris Vaiana MissV3@AOL.com Elizabeth, New Jersey USA

  • Heard of us from: Referred by Stradioti
  • Comments: I am doing a genealogical research for my husband who was born in Palazzo Adriano, Sicily. I noticed a descrepancy with his Baptism certificate when we were married...it was from an Albanian Church and not from the Roman Catholic Church...upon questioning my in-laws they explained that there were two churches in their town but that their families always belonged to the Albanian one. My husband and his family left Palazzo Adriano after WWII and since have lost contact with any remaining relatives...now I would like to put together a family tree for them...hence my interest in the Arberesh! Very Interesting!

29. Michael Parisi Mparisi@skyhigh.com Medford, NJ

  • Heard of us from: Trough leaptoad
  • Villages: S Cristina Gela, Palermo, Sciliy. It is near Piana dei Albanese (? spelling)
  • Surnames: Parisi and/or Rondone
  • Comments: Like to find out where members of my families are outside of S1cily.

30. Barbara M. Peterson PEIFL@AOL.COM Pensacola, Florida

  • Heard of us from: I found Italo-Albanian Heritage Pages on the internet last night. This morning I had an e-mail from Stradiotti informing me of this site.
  • Villages: Piana dei Greci also called Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Bellone and Verga
  • Comments: My name is Barbara Merrick Peterson. I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and I live in Pensacola, FL now. My father is John Leo Merrick, Jr. and my mother is Helen May Bellone Merrick. My mother's father was Joseph Bellone. He was born in Tunis, Tunisia Africa in 1892. His people had moved there from Piana dei Greci / Piana degli Albanesi. They moved back to Piana before coming to America. I remember my grandfather and all of his relatives so well. They were wonderful people and they spoke the T'Arberesh language. When I was a small child I remember that several of

31. Peter Guagliardi PETEGAG@prodigy.net Brooklyn, New York

  • Heard of us from: Found on Infoseek
  • Villages: San Demetrio corone & Vaccariza(not sure of spelling).
  • Surnames: Guagliardi,Tocci,Demarco,Scura & Calvosa.
  • Comments: My family name is Guagliardi. My fathers name is Scanderbeck. He was named after the Albanian hero of the 15th Century, Scanderbeg.We were always told that we were of Albanian descent and it was only after doing much research that I learned of the migration of the Albanians to Southern Italy in the 15th Century. My Mother & Father(aunts uncles etc)never spoke italian but a mixture of Italian& Albanian when they didn't want the children to understand.We have always been proud of our heritage and it is a unique pleasure to find this web page.

32. Alfred La Luna Popwhitey@aol.com Virginia

  • Heard of us from: Just surfin
  • Villages: San Demetrio,corone(sheinmitri)
  • Surnames: La Luna Pagliaro
  • Comments: Any refrences will be appreciated!!!!!!!!!

33. Jo-Ann DeSantis REubique Columbia, MD

34. Rick Renda Renda.RanJ@worldnet.att.net Columbia, South Carolina

  • Heard of us from: Surfing
  • Villages: Piana Degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Renda

35. cyberia Berkstern Rnicol50@hotmail.com rome

  • Heard of us from: yes
  • Villages: sicily
  • Comments: no

36. Richard Dorrough SMDRDD@worldnet.att.net Ballston Lake New York

  • Heard of us from: Tom Briggs
  • Villages: Maschito, Potenza Province
  • Surnames: Mastrantuono,Vicenza
  • Comments: I would like to find any information on the Villiage of Maschito and Alphanso Mastrantuono. He had a brother Guiseppe Mastrantuono, a wife Mary Vicenza and children Rocco,Antonio,Elizabeth and Guiseppe. I would like to know if Mastrantuono is of Arberesh orgin

37. Susan Hawkins Susie528@aol.com Michigan

  • Heard of us from: internet
  • Surnames: Blumetti
  • Comments: Trying to find any info on the BLUMMETI family including the area of Italy that my great grandparents came from. My grandmother always said she was Albanian not Italian. I do have my great grandfather's naturalization papers that states he came from Italy but not where. I have heard the names BUCKLEY and BUCOLO (don't know how it is spelled)mentioned but do not know the connection. That is all the clues I have.

38. marie reres(messer) VINTEGWINE@webtv.net rome new york

  • Heard of us from: while searching for the reres name and its histor
  • Villages: Palermo
  • Surnames: reres

39. Amber Parker Womanola@aol.com NC

  • Heard of us from: Just found it surfing
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: Tripolino, Romano, Bruno, Restivo
  • Comments: I'm seeking my Sicilian heritage - my ancestors migrated to US in the early 1900's to New Orleans. Researching TRIPOLINO, ROMANO, BRUNO, RESTIVO.

40. Kakoca Zef Zef@rossano.com SAN DEMETRIO CORONE (SHEN MITRI) ITALIA

  • Heard of us from: Ka njė mik, Franēesko Altimari
  • Villages: San Demetrio Corone (Shėn Mitri) dhe katundet e tjera arbėreshe tė Italisė

41. Diana Burnett ZonjeZile@aol.com Miami Beach

  • Heard of us from: Searching Alta Vista
  • Villages: ???
  • Surnames: Baffa
  • Comments: I was born in Ashtabula, OH., where you could throw a rock in the air and hit an "Albanese" (Como, DeBartolo, Mussacchio, Martello etc. etc.) My Grandma: Catarina Baffa, her sisters were Mary and Rachel (all emigrees from Italy.) I know little else, EXCEPT: We were Albanian, we were supposedly descended from a noble or "royal" family, we came from an island called St. George, the island had a dragon and the dragon ate young maidens. Yes, I'm serious. My granma swore on it! Please help me learn more. Thank you!

42. Ann Scardino a.scardino@worldnet.att.net Ohio

  • Heard of us from: Surfing
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanese (Piana del Greco)

43. Angel BARLETTA BLUMETTI abarlet@heras.fi.uba.ar Buenos Aires - Argentina

  • Heard of us from: Internet
  • Villages:
  • Surnames: Comments: I cognomi dei miei nonni sono BARLETTA, BLUMETTI, CUCCI, FREGA, REMIS, BELLUSCIO E CAPPARELLI.
  • Comments: Io voglio imparare la lingua arbėreshė

44. Calabro Enza acalabro@infoxchange.net.au Melbourne, Australia

  • Heard of us from: email
  • Villages: San Martino di Finito
  • Surnames: Zappa, Tocci

45. Donald Sarro adonsarro@aol.com Ridgefield, CT USA

46. Adrian Euler aeuler@hotmail.com

  • Villages: All the Arberesh villages
  • Surnames: All the Arberesh surnames
  • Comments: Anyone wanting to know the precise location of their ancestors, email me, i have a good knowledge on many Arberesh surnames.

47. Anthony Mandola ajmando@Yahoo.com Houston, Tx

  • Heard of us from: I am on list. Just changing my e-mail
  • Villages: Santa Cristina Gela
  • Surnames: Mandala, Musacchia, Parisi, Catania, Palermo, Bruccia

48. albert ramaj albert.ramaj@kfunigraz.ac.at graz, austria

  • Villages: jam i interesum ne letersine arbereshe

49. Anthony Mandola amandola@flash.net Houston, Tx

  • Heard of us from: Contacted John Cusimano from his site.
  • Villages: Santa Cristina Gela, Sicily
  • Surnames: Mandala' Musacchia or Musachia Matranga Catania Parisi Bruscia
  • Comments: My maternal grandmother's family spoke gheghe, an Albanian dialect. My father's family spoke it also. Unfortunately, I learned neither this nor Italian. My main interest is geneological. Any information about these family names and that can help track heritage will be appreciated.

50. Melissa Martin amaray_@yahoo.com United States

  • Heard of us from: searching on browser for ancestors
  • Villages: Piana Degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: My great grandfather's name was Aloysius Aiovolasit from Piana Degli Albanesi

51. Andrew Papa apapa0727@aol.com Whiting. N.J. USA

  • Heard of us from: surfing the web
  • Villages: a little tomn in the province of Foggia on the adriatic calle Chietu
  • Surnames: Papa Anconitonio Rendini
  • Comments: My mother taught us Albanese when we were growing up would like to hear from people who speak the language..... and would like to find my roots

52. Ricky Brunette arbatlaw@aol.com Scarborough, Me

  • Heard of us from: geneology research on italian roots
  • Villages: Civita
  • Surnames: Brunetti
  • Comments: Grandfather was Pietro Brunetti - from Civita. He had a brother who settled in PA.

53. Achille Bellucci asllan@hotmail.com Shėn Pali (San Paolo Albanese), PZ, Itali

  • Heard of us from: Inja e kėrkonja Internet-in pėr 'Arbėresh'
  • Villages: Tė gjithė katunde Arbėreshė
  • Surnames: Tė gjithė mbiemra Arbėreshė
  • Comments: Jesėnj vetėm tash. Gruaja vdiq ndė vitin 1996, jam 63 vjeē, dhe mė pėlklen shumė tė shkruanj, tė folur, dhe tė djovasur gluhėn ton

54. James Bruno Jr barbara_8@hotmail.com Metairie, LA

  • Heard of us from: referral
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: Bruno, Macaluso, Clesi, Pumilia, Glariano, Pizzulato, Butera
  • Comments: My grandfather, Joseph Steven Bruno from New Orleans, insisted that our ancestors were from Albania. We have traced back to the late 1700's and are hopeing to go back to Albania if we can.

55. Eric BEKA beka@belspo.be B-5370 Lonzée - Gembloux BELGIUM

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: All
  • Surnames: BEKA, BECA, BECKA, BEQUA
  • Comments: I am looking for any information about the surname BEKA (or BECA) in the Arberesh villages or in Albania. Is this surname frequent? Where?

56. Peter Bellizzi bellizziph@juno.com Hopewell Junction N.Y. U>S>A>

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: San Basile,Acquaformosa, Eianina(Procile), Fracineto,S.Demetrio Corone
  • Surnames: Bellizzi , Chinigo
  • Comments: G'father Pietro Bellizzi born in San Basile(?) 1855.G'mother Carmella Chinigo born in 1867. I'm married with ten children and five g'children.Presently retired(8 years) and go boating on the Hudson river.

57. Luis Bevacqua bevacqua@zaz.com.br Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

  • Heard of us from: HOT BOT
  • Villages: D'Acri, Rende, Luzzi in COsenza

58. Betty Hackett bobbet@bellatlantic.net New Jersey

  • Heard of us from: From a friend
  • Villages: San Constantino, and perhaps Potenza
  • Surnames: Loprete, Calimano, Scutari, Brescia, Salerno, and Trupo

59. Thomas Briggs briggs@clark.net Rockville, Maryland, USA

  • Heard of us from: Original member.
  • Villages: Mezzojuso
  • Surnames: Chetta, Plescia, Lopez, Gebbia, Petta, Arena
  • Comments: My web page (http://www.digiserve.com/briggs has information I have gathered about the Arberesh in Ruoti in Potenza and in the future will have information about them in Mezzojuso.

60. Leita Spoto/Smith bspoto@oro.net Nevada City, CA

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina, Palermo,Sicily
  • Surnames: Caronna Collica Cuccia DiBartolo DiMartino DiNapoli Lala Liuzza LoCascio Musacchia Ragusa Schiro'
  • Comments: Occupation: Retired bookkeeper for our family Nursery business. Personal: Married with 2 children and 3 cute and smart granchildren. On loan at the local library are the microfilm records of Contessa Entellina, I am happy to look up a name and copy from the film an original record for you if you have family from Contessa. Main Arberesh Interest: Collecting and organizing the birth, marriage and death records from microfilm and other sources for the town of Contessa Entellina. Also helping those who have family from Contessa find their family roots. Secondary Interest: To pass to my children and grandchildren an understanding of the people who are their ancestors. Who they were, how they lived, what their life might have been like in the times that they lived. Other: My husband, Bill, is the one who has the ancestors from Contessa Entellina. His maternal grandparent, Pietro Liuzza immigrated from Contessa with wife, child, and mother Caterina LoCascio. They immigrated into Louisiana, and then went to San Francisco. One branch of the family, DiBartolo, lived in Sacramento.

61. Carmine Colacino carmine@duesicilie.org Potenza

  • Heard of us from: Magna Graecia Mailing List
  • Villages: Civita (Province of Cosenza, Calabria, Two Sicilies [S. Italy])
  • Surnames: Colacino
  • Comments: My grandfather was from Civita, an Arbėresh village on the Pollino Mountain Range. I was born in Naples, where I have lived most of my life. I have also spent various periods in the USA since 1990 (for a total of about 5 yrs) studying in NC (Chapel Hill) and CA (Berkeley). I speak English, Neapolitan, Spanish, and Italian. I work in a university in s. Italy, as a researcher (my field is Botany). My main (non-Academic) interests are: History (especially of southern Italy, but not exclusively); Music; Languages, Cultures, Anthropology, etc. etc. I am in favor of southern Italian independence from northen colonization. Check out our site at http://www.duesicilie.org/

62. Cat Nielsen catcn@2c-nrc.com Berkeley, CA

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: Loverde, Rezza, Lala, Catalano, Locascio, Clesi,Liuzza, Cuccia,Collica,Calcagno,Tortorici,D'Ambolo, Parrino, Di Napoli
  • Comments: Resubscribing, change userid to catcn@2c-nrc.comComments: After a visit to Italy in 1970, I told my granny how everyone pegged me for a Sicilian. She was adamant her family was NOT Sicilian, they were from the village of Contessa. She was delighted when I took up Italian, and related words for various foods. Her word were not what I was learning. I sortof wrote this off to old age, and not having spoken the family language for many many years. But the only village in Italy I could find with Contessa in its name was the village of Contessa Entellina, Sicilia. John Cusimano solved the puzzle several years ago when he advised me of the Arberesh background of Contessa. So, although the family lived in Sicily for several hundred years, they were not Sicilian. I saw a photo of the people in one of the Albanian villages under seige, I was looking at the faces of my Grandmother's family. Am interested in working with others researching the same family names.

63. Christopher Fisher cfisher@mailbag.com Madison, WI

  • Heard of us from: From an Arbėresh 'net "pen pal"
  • Villages: All
  • Surnames: All
  • Comments: I am very interested in the Arbėresh because I am interested in all things having to do with Albania, her people, and her culture. Particularly I am interested in the Arbėresh because they represent "living history" Their dialect of Albanian is much like, yet so very different from, modern Albanian. It is Albanian that is spoken still as it was in the time of Skanderbeu. Yet, at least in America, we must actively strive to preserve this heritage so that it is never lost. Where I live, in Madison, is considered one of the major Arbėresh settlements in the US. I have made so many good friends in the Arbėresh community, and like my Shqiptar friends, they too treat me as if I were "one of them". I want to do whatever I can to learn more about, and to help promote and preserve the culture and heritage of my wonderful Arbėresh friends!

64. Laura Heidekrueger chisearch@aol.com

65. ZEF MANDALA chunky@pacbell.net San Francisco, California

  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Procido Mandala Pace Matranga
  • Comments: Particular interest in California Arberesh stories

66. Pauline Gary cip@nci2000.net Canton, Ohio

  • Heard of us from: From an arberesh cousin, Mike Mandala, S.J.
  • Villages: Santa Cristina and Piana di Greci
  • Surnames: Mandala, Leggio, Pepitone, Cusimano,Mussachia
  • Comments: Although I visited Piana di Greci and Santa Cristina many years ago as a college freshman, I have never been aware of the true history of the maternal side of my family. My grandparents taught my sister and I to speak the dialect and although I have not used it frequently, I am able communicate with the few remaining members of my family who speak Arberesh. When I moved to Canton, Ohio from California I found many here, but none who knew of the sources of our heritage. I am very anxious to learn more about the Arberesh. Trying to explain the dialect that I speak has been a source of many interesting conversations. Thank you for the opportunity to learn.

67. Claudio Martino claudio.martino@tcj.com.ar Banfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Heard of us from: Internet search engine
  • Villages: San Martino di Finita
  • Comments: I'm son of italian-Arbėresh.

68. Frank Di Giovanni cluso@mediaone.net Lockport, IL. USA

  • Heard of us from: Cyberesh
  • Villages: Contessa di Entellina
  • Surnames: LoIaccano, Tullio, Montalbano
  • Comments: The educational aspects of the Arberesh history, customs, traditions, etc. has been an eye opener about the common heritage we share. I would like to know more about the ghe-ghe dialect - if it is similar from one Arberesh village to the other -if one were to study ghe-ghe where is there a book or material to start?

69. Carol Sica cmsvoce@aol.com MA

  • Heard of us from: Found it by accident
  • Villages: Bari
  • Surnames: Bua or Di Bua
  • Comments: Comments: My maternal Grandfather Cosmo Bua emigrated to Bari probably just before or at the turn of the century. Then was probably part of the great influx into the USA in 1906. He met my grandmother Josephine Luparelli and they married in New Jersey, had 8 children, 5 girls and 3 boys. My mother Carmella was the 3rd daughter, and is 82 years old. My grandmother learned Albanese. My grandfather worked as a farmer and raised livestock.

70. Doris Fahlman conraddoris@cox.net Warwick,RI USA

  • Heard of us from: on line
  • Villages: San Cosmo Albanese and Rossano
  • Surnames: Belmonte , Bua, Filla, Valle
  • Comments: My nonno was Cosmo Belmonte, b 1861 in San Cosmo. Interested in learning more about the Village and any relatives that might still be living there

71. Maureen Cooper cooperfm@hotmail.com Vista, CA

  • Heard of us from: My sister
  • Villages: Barile
  • Surnames: Cefola, Scavone, Traverse, Sepe, Prata

72. Carmela Tardo ctardo@bellsouth.net River Ridge, LA

  • Heard of us from: Dr. Louis Leggio, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina, Palazzo Adriano
  • Surnames: Tardo, Amato, Schiro, Chetta, Parrino, Masarachia

73. Hopkins David d1hopkins@aol.com Ojai, CA, USA

  • Heard of us from: From Guidera Home Page
  • Villages: Piana Degli Albanse
  • Surnames: Guidera, Riola
  • Comments:

74. S. Dingrando d6279@midwest.net Marion, IL

  • Heard of us from: Surfing for possible links to Arberesh.
  • Villages: Palazzo Adriano and Contessa Entellina.
  • Surnames: Cuccia, D'Ingrado?
  • Comments: Have Cuccia ancestors. Related to Bua by marriage. Other ties to Palazzo Adriano include: Alessi, Burrescia, Dragotte, Guzardo, Riggio, Urzardi.

75. Daniel Capacio dcapacio@facstaff.wisc.edu Madison, Wisconsin, USA

  • Heard of us from: I did a search on the web
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Capaci, Capacio, LiCauli, Paratori, Sciaccia, Carbonne, Colletti
  • Comments: My father’s parents were from Piana degli Albanesi. I was told that my surname was changed from Capaci to Capacio when my grandfather came to the United States in about 1912. I knew that my ancestry was Albanian but I didn’t know much about the history. I work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where a few people knew that I was of Albanian ancestry. About a year and one half ago a man from Albania who was studying here at the university came to my office and said that he heard that there was an Albanian who worked in the place. I had to stop and think and then I realized he was talking about me. He asked if I was Arbėresh, Tusk or of another ethnic origin but I didn’t know. That sparked my interest so I asked aunts, uncles, and cousins questions about our ancestry. I’ve learned a little bit since then, that we are Arbėresh, but would like to know more.

76. TONY SCUTARI ddt@aol.com LINDEN, NJ

  • Heard of us from: RESEARCH

77. T LoBurgio dfry@tex-is.net Beaumont, TX USA

  • Villages: Palazzo Adriano
  • Surnames: LoBurgio Burgio Rizzo LaSusa
  • Comments: In the email about the Sicilian recipe for Cuccia (Boiled Wheat), there was a section devoted to the surname Cuccia. And also a detailed account of a census from the 1500s' to the 1800s'. How could one find other census results on their own family names. My Great-Grandfather Nicolo' LoBurgio and many generations before him lived in Palazzo Adriano. They were forced to move to Palermo after they lost their patrimony in 1929. My Great-Grandmother, Antonina Rizzo,comes from Bisacquino town. If anyone has information on how obtain old census records, please contact me at: dfry@tex-is.net

78. Douglas Gentile dgentile@bigfoot.com Minneapolis, MN, USA

79. Julie Smith diva_ma@hotmail.com Australia

  • Heard of us from: entered "Arberesh" into a search engine
  • Villages: Calabria region, villages unknown
  • Surnames: TOIA
  • Comments: I am descended from Nicolo Toia, apparently he moved his entire village from Albania to Calabria in the 1600's. I am trying to find out more information.

80. Dennis Ragas djr_jr@hotmail.com Harahan, LA

  • Heard of us from: Marc LoCascio's website
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: LoCascio, Monteleone, Terranova
  • Comments: On my mother's side of the family, both of her grandparents came from Contessa Entellina (Francesco LoCascio and Bernardo A. Monteleone). My mother's cousin (Louis Terranova) is an active member of the Contessa Entellina Society in New Orleans.

81. Jo Marie McDonald dleblue@aol.com Scottsdale Arizona USA

  • Heard of us from: Just found you by accident.
  • Villages: Calabria
  • Surnames: Adducci (not sure if it is truly Arberesh)- LaGuardia
  • Comments: My grandparents came from a little town near Cosenza (the name I do not know). My grandmother's name was Josephine Adducci and she married Nicola Adducci. She had a nickname (sp?) Zhep A bresh meaning Josephine Abresh.

82. Denny Matranga dm153838@flash.net Houston Texas

83. Domenica Pistoia dpistoia@idli.org and virginia@corelli.nexus.it Rome - Italy

  • Heard of us from: I was looking for language families in the Internet and I found the site
  • Villages: I was born in LUNGRO and I speek Arbėresh. I am interested in LUNGRO (of course!) and any other village in Calabria
  • Comments: I remember a prayer that my mother used to sing during Easter days. It was a sad and really beautiful song about JC's Via Crucis. Can anybody provide me with the words of that song?

84. Diana Welborn dwelborn@cyberramp.net Dallas, TX, USA

  • Heard of us from: John responded to me privately to a newsgroup posting.
  • Villages: At the moment, I haven't gotten that far.
  • Surnames: Grecco/Greco (told you I hadn't gotten very far, yet)
  • Comments: I'm 25, female, and just starting in my genealogical research. My mother's side is 100% Sicilan, or so I thought. :) Her mother's mother's father's name is Giovanni Grecco, and he was supposedly born in Giarre, Catania, Sicily on 17 Sep, 1882. His father's name is Michele, but I don't know his mother's name, and I've not been able to find any information in Giarre on him yet. (I have looked). Other than surname, I've no other reason to believe we're Arberesh at all.

85. Elaine Oneto elamon@datasync.com Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

  • Heard of us from: From a PIE listing
  • Villages: Wherever Ciulla's came from
  • Surnames: Ciulla. Am just starting so will probably add more in the future. Don't know if Scalici is Arberesh.

86. Elizabeth Casarini elicasarini@guiautil.com Brazil

  • Heard of us from: Surfing the Internet
  • Villages: All villages
  • Surnames: Avena, Colavecchia
  • Comments: I am searching relatives in the world (specially in Italy) and researching my family surnames (genealogy).

87. Anthony Nicholas Ernandes ernandes@aol.com Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano referred me to it.
  • Villages: Firmo in Cosenza Province
  • Surnames: Longo, Rosa, Ricco/Ricca
  • Comments: Well I grew up knowing about my "Albanese" heritage from a young age. The grandfolks, aunts and uncles spoke Ghegghetta, which I always thought was from Geg, but is from Gje gje. Our family still uses Arberesh petnames!! I have had a burning desire for my heritage my entire life!! At last the fire is somewhat quenched. I am halfway there. I am glad to know that what started out as a mere curiosity and developed into a near obsession, is on it way to getting "home".


  • Surnames: ABATE

89. Frank Carbone fcarbone@gte.net Oxnard, CA

  • Heard of us from: web surfing
  • Villages: Piana deglia Albanesi
  • Surnames: Carbone, Di Carlo, Borgia
  • Comments: My grandparents were Pete Carbone and Rose Di Carlo who immigrated to the U.S. around 1900 from Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily.

90. Franco Matesi fmatesi@oasi.net Piana degli Albanesi(Palermo)Sicily

  • Heard of us from: From Virginia Matranga.
  • Villages: All in Sicily.
  • Surnames: Matesi.
  • Comments: I have some immage of Piana that I have sent but returned back. Send me the correct e-mail address. Thanks Franco. Te falem.

91. Frank Parise fparise@optonline.net Inwood, NY

  • Heard of us from: Surfing the net.
  • Villages: Cerzeto - Cavallerizzo, Sam Martino di Finita
  • Surnames: Parise, Occhiuzzo, Cittadino
  • Comments: I belong to two Albanese/Italian clubs called Velami's. One meets the first Sunday after Easter and the other meets the second Sunday after Easter. Its a brother hood htat gets together just to eat and have a good time. The Velami ogaization is over 100 years and started in Cerzeto Italy. I love my Arbereesh heritage and I'd like to know as much about it as I can.

92. Frank Costello ftcos@hotmail.com Nashville, TN

  • Heard of us from: From John Cusimano
  • Villages: Vaccarizzo
  • Surnames: Costellani/Castellani or Costellano/Castellano

93. George Giokas gggiokas@direct.ca High River Alberta Canada

  • Heard of us from: Hellas Diaspora Mailing List
  • Surnames: Giokas, Gkiokas Gikas Gioka Ploumbis
  • Comments: My ancestors migrated from Albania in the mid 1700's to Vilia Greece and then to Kriekouki, Greece in about 1850.. Their native language was Arvanitica..It is my understanding that Arvanites are not the same as Albanians and I am anxious to receive any information that will help me . Thank You; George Giokas

94. Rose Bascio gianvito@yorku.ca Canada

  • Heard of us from: I did a search on the Internet.
  • Villages: Barile, Potenza
  • Comments: I am 32-yrs. old. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I have never really learned about my Albanian/Arbresh background other than what my parents have shared with me. I can speak it pretty fluently and would just like to learn what ever I can about my heritage.

95. Edna McCoy giardialamblia.@msn.com Davis, Calif.

  • Heard of us from: Arberesh of Sacramento Club
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina, Marineo
  • Surnames: Manale, Alfano, Finazza, Ferrare, Fiorenza, Guarino, Foto, Tripoli

96. giuseppe soda gisoda@tin.it castroregio,calabria,italia

  • Heard of us from: serfing in internet
  • Villages: I am from Castroregio,
  • Surnames: Soda
  • Comments: i still speak our language I would like to kknow if there are some people of castroregio in USA

97. Gigi Maurizio gmaurizio@monrovia.k12.ca.us Claremont, CA

  • Heard of us from: My brother, John Sugar
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanese
  • Surnames: Zuccaro (Americanized to Sugar), LoCasio, Cuccia, Pizzuto
  • Comments: I have visited Piana degli Albanese and was able to go through civil records (birth, death, and marriage). I also visited the main Greek Orthodox church in the village to see my grandfather's baptismal record (Giovanni Guiseppe Zuccaro). The people were all wonderful and helpful. Records were well maintained. I now live in the greater Los Angeles area and would be interested in connecting with other descendents of this village, as would my brother. Aso, I would like to return to Piana for another visit and would appreciate any information on lodging in the village (driving up from Palermo each day was tedious). Hope to hear from other Aberesh!

98. Gina De Luca gmdeluca@aol.com Napa, CA

  • Villages: Piana dei Greci/degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Petrotta

99. Fr. Peter DILEO gmdileo@prtc.net Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico USA

  • Heard of us from: From Professor CUSIMANO
  • Villages: Biancavilla Bronte Contessa Ginestra
  • Surnames: DILEO (Ginestra) PITTARI (Ginestra) PUGLISI (Biancavilla and Bronte) ALESSI (Contessa and Palazzo Adriano) RENDA (Palazzo Adriano) DILEO (Palazzo Adriano)
  • Comments: My grandparents spoke T'Bresh. When we were young, we were made to believe that T'Bresh was an Italian dialect spoken by uneducated people. My grandmother told me that her surname PUGLISI was given to her family because they used to fight "u turcucanu" in "pulj" that is in the forest.

100. GEORGE MASI gmsm4596@aol.com REDDING, CA. 96001 USA

  • Heard of us from: MY NEICE

101. Michael Reilly gobearz@att.net Southern California

  • Heard of us from: Surfing the web
  • Villages: San Constantino Albanese, San Paolo Albanese
  • Surnames: Family: Blumetti, Sogga, Scutari, Licursi, Cucchisi Associated with Family: Magnocavallo, Carbone, Marchiano

102. Arleen Nicosia gram83095@aol.com Metairie, Louisiana

  • Heard of us from: Internet
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: Nicosia

103. Samuel Schiro gschiro@lni.net Tecumseh, MI, USA

  • Heard of us from: Web
  • Surnames: Schiro

104. John G. Guagliardi guagliaj@zam0.attnet.or.jp Japan

  • Heard of us from: Peter J Guagliardi
  • Surnames: Guagliardi
  • Comments: I hope to learn more about the Arberesh and to locate others that share this same interest. I also wish to locate other Guagliardi family members to share our family tree information.

105. Patrizia Guagliardi guagliardiruoss@swissonline.ch Zürich, Switzerland

  • Heard of us from: surfing
  • Villages: San Demetrio Corone (Provincia di Cosenza)
  • Surnames: Guagliardi
  • Comments: My fathers name was Natale Demetrio Guagliardi originated from San Demetrio Corone. He and his sister Carmela emigrated to Switzerland in the early 1960's. My grandparents were named Giovanni and Giulia Guagliardi. My father died 25 years ago but I have still a large number of relatives living in San Demetrio Corone. Some of them still speak Arberėsh. So did my father. I've always been interested in th Arbėresh history and have been very pleased to find quite a lot of information on the Web. I'm also intersted in the whereabouts of my family. I was very pleased to find Peter Guagliardi in this directory. Seems to be that we are originated from the same family.

106. A GUIDARA guidara@hotmail.com MONTREAL CANADA

  • Villages: Piana dei Greci (degli Albanesi),Santa Cristina Gela, San Angelo
  • Comments: I am researching information about my surname and members of the family Guidara/Guidera. Welcome to everybody.

107. Renato Guzzardi guzzardi@unical.it Cosenza, Italy

  • Villages: tutti
  • Comments: Vi invito a visitare ed a commentare il sito:

108. HANS DARA hdara@earthlink.net Palm Harbor, Florida

  • Heard of us from: Genelogy search via net contact
  • Villages: Palazzo Adriano and Chiusa Sclafani
  • Comments: Current information autheticates DARA surname in Palazzo Adriano w/ direct line decendants continuing in Palazzo Adriano, New York and Florida.

109. Rachel Conti helraecon@erols.com Bristol, PA

  • Heard of us from: Searching the internet to gather information on our family history. I am also interested in information on the dialect of the people from these villages. My parents came from Spezzano Albanese and I know how to speak the "gueigo" language as parents spoke to us in that language. I have never been able to find this language in a written form. I have compiled a list of words phonetically for myself.
  • Villages: Spezzano Albanese
  • Surnames: Diodati, Conti, DeCunto, Milano, Basso

110. Vincent Scutaro hisstorymn@worldnet.att.net Brooklyn, NY

  • Heard of us from: Italo- American Homepage
  • Villages: Eianina, Cosenza, Calabria
  • Surnames: Scutaro
  • Comments: Just found out that there is the possiblity of Albanian Heritage and want to know more. Interested in any Heraldric info.

111. Heather Megee hmegee@hotmail.com Madera, CA

  • Heard of us from: through the web site
  • Villages: Maschito, Italy
  • Surnames: Renna
  • Comments: I'm researching my great-grandfather, Audrea Renna, who died in Fresno, California in 1913.

112. joe jones j.jones.pom@worldnet.att.net New Jersey

  • Heard of us from: netsurfing
  • Villages: Basilicata?
  • Surnames: Aliantro
  • Comments: My grandmother's name was Aliantro. Her parents came to America from Italy around 1890. I have not been able to find anyone named Aliantro except her immediate family, even in the on-line Italy white pages. Is there anyone who has any information about where they may have originated; or what their name might have been changed from, if, indeed, it was changed at all, when they arrived here?

113. Jack Wilson jackw@travsoft.com Bothell, Washington, USA

  • Heard of us from: E-mail from John Cusimano
  • Villages: San Costantino Albanese
  • Surnames: Blumetti, Laico, D'Amato
  • Comments: I presently have the records from San Costantino at my local FHC. I'll check them for a name if anyone needs me too. Please supply all available info as most records are not indexed.

114. Rosalie Kalos jenroge@javanet.com Chelmsford, MA 01824

  • Heard of us from: I came across this info from searching for news on Barile, Italy. I clicked onto John Cusimano's homepage and was directed from there.
  • Villages: Barile, Italy
  • Surnames: Alianiello and Carnavale
  • Comments: MY maternal Grandparents were born in Barile and came to the USA with their family of five children. They did not speak Italian but a dialect that they said was and Albanian dialect. They told the story of the migaration of their ancestors from Albania to Barile but I don't know what century or group my ancestors came over with. Both my Grandparents are deceased but my mother who is 79 years old is still living in good health and also one sister and two brothers who range in age from 69 yrs. old to 81 yrs. old They still speak the language but they never referred to themselves as Arberesh. They call themselves Kegedy or Albanese. I don't know if Kegedy is the correct spelling because they said that they learned the language by speaking it only, that there was no way to write it. My grandfathers name is Antonio Alianiello and was a very talented stone mason. My grandmother's name is Cherubina Carnavale(maiden name)Alianiello.They were both extremely handsome people, very warm and caring and I miss them both very much.There are many "Kegedys" in Lawrence, MA where I was born. There are also many in the neighboring city of Lowell. But I'm afraid that the younger generation have lost the language and will eventually lose the knowlege of their Albanian ancestory. We also have family in Toronto,Canada and Australia as my grandfather's brother and my grandmother's brothers settled there. I would like to see some of the Arbersh language to know if my family speaks the same. I can only spell the wo rds phonetically because as I said they learned only by speaking it.

115. Gerald (Jerry) David Montalbano jerrytt@bellsouth.net Chalmette, Louisiana USA

  • Heard of us from: Chez Marc
  • Villages: Contessa, Entellina Sicily
  • Surnames: Montalbano
  • Comments: I'm the second generation since my father/grandfather left in the 1890's. I'd like to get more info about their migration, decendents and hometowns in Contessa

116. Judith Freed jf09042@aol.com USA

  • Heard of us from: Alta Vista
  • Villages: Cosenza
  • Surnames: Tudda

117. Joseph Guidera jfguider@pepperdine.edu Malibu, CA

  • Heard of us from: From a cousin (the Ciprianos in Ohio)
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanessi
  • Surnames: Guidera, Filpi, Schiro, Carnessi, Buccola
  • Comments: This is a great way to keep everybody connected. All four of my grand parents were born in Piana degli Albanesu and I am very interested in your organization.

118. John Guercio jgg927@aol.com Mount Prospect, Il. U.S.A.

  • Heard of us from: From a friend
  • Villages: Cefalu
  • Surnames: Guercio I am trying to create a family tree

119. Lisa Gmuca jgmuca@primenet.com Phoenix, AZ

  • Heard of us from: ?
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Petta Dorrangrichia
  • Comments: ....no

120. Louise Compis jimlou@pdq.net Houston, TX

  • Heard of us from: P.I.E. COI
  • Villages: Palazzo Adriano
  • Surnames: Buccola Rizzo Parrino Vanella

121. Jerry Morgan jlmorgan@uiuc.edu Urbana, IL 61801 USA

  • Heard of us from: email from John Cusimano
  • Villages: All, but especially those in Sicily
  • Surnames: Matranga, Borgia, Riolo, Petrotta, Cuccia
  • Comments: Currently doing research with Eda Derhemi on the Arberesh spoken in Piana degli Albanesi

122. Georgie Monighetti jmonighetti@att.net Alamo, California

  • Heard of us from: The Arberesh of Sacramento meeting
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Masi, Guzzetta, Schiro, Ferrara, Chisesi, Lanza
  • Comments: Both my Grandparents came from Piana and I am interested in my geneology. I am trying to trace my ancestors back to the 1400's. If anyone has information on the surnames listed, the town in Albania that these people came from, or a source that I can contact, please E-Mail me.

123. Joe Mandala joeman@feist.com Wichita, KS, USA

  • Heard of us from: Stradiotti
  • Villages: The ones around Palermo (Piana de...)
  • Surnames: Mandala
  • Comments: not really

124. Joe Mandala joeman@kscable.com Wichita, KS, USA

125. John Ferrari johnr@ferrari.org Concord, MA

  • Heard of us from: on the web
  • Villages: Piana degli Alabanesi
  • Surnames: LoCallo


  • Heard of us from: WEB SEARCH
  • Comments: NOT AT THIS TIME

127. Patti Shelton jpshelton@ctc.net Concord, NC

  • Heard of us from: I sent an email to post a message on an Arberesh Heritage website and rec'd message back with suggestion to try this site.
  • Villages: Acquaformosa
  • Surnames: Dituri
  • Comments: My great grandparents were born in Acquaformosa. My great grandfather's name was Peter Detorie (Detorie is how it is currently spelled). His wife was Concetta Molescio Detorie. Two of their seven children were born in Italy. My great grandfather had a sister by the name of Rose Antonia Detorie Linardi. His mother's name was Anna Vicchio and father was Nicholas Detorie . My great grandmother's mother was Mary Grieley & her father was John Molescio. My grandfather's sister passed this information on to my sister. She new about much of the information that I have seen so far on the Internet. She mentioned a book called "The Old and The New Albania", but I have not been able to find this. We don't know of any relatives that might still be in Italy and would like to know if there are some. The Detories moved to Baltimore,MD from Italy. This is where my grandfather was born.

128. Josie Plescia-Vaughn jpvaughn@jps.net Nevada City, CA

  • Heard of us from: Was on, but server problems caused messages to bounce back. Now fixed I hope
  • Villages: Piana dei Greci/Albanese
  • Surnames: Plescia, Masi, Norcia, Riolo, Mandala, Fusco, Carnesi, Bovi, Schiro, Vitanza, Lopes, Zalapi, Cusimano, DiLorenzo, Cusenza, Guzzetta, Matranga, Lipare, Faucetta.
  • Comments: For those interested in Piana, I do have death indexs with additional information on some of the people listed. Feel free to contact me direct.

129. Joseph Virga jpvirga@hotmail.com Stony Brook, NY 11790

  • Heard of us from: Internet search
  • Villages: Capaci and Isola Della Femine, Sicily and other hamlets of Palermo, Sicily
  • Surnames: Virga
  • Comments: According to my records, the Virga family left Albania with George Kastrioti (emperor Scanderberg of Albania) in the 15th century during the Turkish invasion in 1448. The Virga family settled in Sicily. I would be interested in learning more about the Albanian - Sicilian connection.

130. John Ferrari jrferrari@hotmail.com Boston, MA

131. James Schiro jschiro@tcs.tulane.edu Harvey, LA

  • Heard of us from: Hot Bot search for Schiro & Albania
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: Schiro

132. Janis Stadler jstadler@teale.ca.gov Roseville, CA

  • Heard of us from: Perusing
  • Villages: Piana Degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Cassara, Petrotta, Di Salvo, Masi

133. Karla Musacchia (Sachi) karwax@aol.com Holualoa HI 96725

  • Heard of us from: Search engine
  • Villages: ???
  • Surnames: Musacchia
  • Comments: I'm going to Italy (hopefully) in april 98, and was thinking about stopping in Sicilia to find relatives. My grandfathers cousins are all from there.

134. Kreshnik Bejko kbejko@kruncher.ptloma.edu

  • Heard of us from: Browsing the net
  • Comments: I am Albanian from Albania proper, and very interested in my ancestors which is YOU!:)

135. karen blasky kblasky725@aol.com league city, tx

  • Heard of us from: researching and an email from stradiotti
  • Villages: piana degli albanesi
  • Surnames: guidera or guidara
  • Comments: I am trying to trace my mother's side of the family. There is almost no information that my mother can remember about her father who came to the us with his brothers.

136. John Joseph Stassi kerrys@flash.net West Roxbury, MA 02132

  • Surnames: Stassi, Asaro, Treffi, Basone

137. Kimberly Anne Walint Echeverri kimberly@best.com San Jose, CA

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: any near palermo
  • Surnames: Guidera, Pizzutto, Cuccia,
  • Comments: My Great Grandmother was from Piana De Albenese. Her name was Catherine Pizzutto. She married a man by the name of Guidera. His first name may have been Andrew, we aren't sure. Great Grandma was married three times (Mr. Guidera died, I don't know what of.) Her second husband was a DiSalvo who she divorced (I hear he was cruel to her, and drank a lot.) Her third husband was a Cuccia. I always knew her as Grandma Cuccia. Her first daughter was my Grandmother. Her name was Angelina (Lena) Guidera. Lena married a Hungarian man, who she met in San Jose, CA, by the name of Vincent William Walint II. They had twins, a boy and a girl, then 15 years later another daughter. The son was my father (Vincent William Walint III.)

138. Kevin Cerniglia krossow@inreach.com CA

  • Villages: Mezzojuso, Piana degli Albanesi, Contessa Entellina, or Palazzo Adriano, or the Calabrian town of Falconara, Palermo
  • Surnames: Cerniglia, Fabian

139. Terrence Lannon lannon @cor.com libertyville, IL

  • Heard of us from: surfing the internet
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Musso Saculla

140. Terrence Lannon lannon@cor.com Libertyville, IL

  • Heard of us from: From the Arberesh Heritage web site
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Musso, Saculla Stacci Risotto
  • Comments: Both of my maternal grandparents came from Piana degli Albanesi. My grandfather was born Salvatore Musso in 1881. My grandmother was borm Georgia Saculla in 1889. They arrived in the United States via New Orleans around 1900. Together they had 13 children. 4 were born in Independance, Louisisna, 5 in Bryant TX and the yougest 4 in Chicago, IL. My grandfathers mother's maiden name was Risotto and my grand mothers mother's maiden name was Stacci. If are related to or, familiar with our family please let me know, I'd love to hear from you. I would also like to learn more about the village that my grandparents came from, Piana degli Albanesi.

141. Lauri Dabbieri ldabbier@msn.com Arlington, VA

  • Surnames: Dabbieri

142. David Meyer ldmeyer@primenet.com Encinitas, California USA

  • Heard of us from: Internet search
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: Schiro, Guzzardo, Cusimano, Terranova
  • Comments: My mother's family (Schiro/Guzzardo) came to New Orleans, Louisiana directly from Contessa Entellina in the early 1800's.

143. Carolyn Donatelli leapyearcd@aol.com Pittsburgh, PA

  • Heard of us from: My sister
  • Villages: Barile, Italy and Potenza, Italy
  • Surnames: Cefola, Grimilizzi, Scavone, Travierso, Sepe, Prata, Traficante

144. Leora Matranga leora@worldnet.att.net

  • Heard of us from: POINT members Josie Vaughn and John Cusimano
  • Villages: Piana degli Albenesi
  • Comments: My husbands grandparents,Giorgio MATRANGA and Rosa MOSCHETTO came from Piana around the turn of the century and lived in Grosse Tete, LA where Giorgio and his brother, Vito, worked in the sugar cane fields. Their children Victoria and John were born there in 1902 and 1904. From there they moved to Philadelphia. They settled in Sacramento in 1906/07. Giorgio's parents were: Vincenzo MATRANGA and Laura PALADINO Rosa's parents were Gionvanni MOSCHETTO and Maria SCHIRO

145. Cleo (Fanchin) Holmes lewisholmes@earthlink.net Los Angeles, CA

  • Heard of us from: E-mail from John Cusimano
  • Villages: Piana dei Greci (Piana degli Albanesi)
  • Surnames: Carbone, Zuccaro
  • Comments: Other names: In SCHIO & MONTE MAGRE, VENETO REG.- Fanchin, Danzo, Sandri, Tessorico. In POTENZA AREA - Petrone, Testa, Mateo & Monture, Angarola, Romano

146. Lynn Flomer lflomer@hotmail.com Wetumpka,Alabama

  • Heard of us from: Browsing on Contessa Entellina
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina,piana gegli Albanesi
  • Comments: I grew up hearing about Contessa Entellina,my family settled in New Orleans.Would love to hear any info you might have on these families.If I can help you, I will be glad to.

147. George Licursi licursi_george@bah.com NYC, NY

  • Heard of us from: web
  • Villages: Ururi
  • Surnames: lciursi

148. Laurence LaGattuta llagattu@accn.org Allegan, Michigan

  • Heard of us from: Circolo Mezzojusaro
  • Villages: Mezzojuso
  • Surnames: LaGattuta
  • Comments: Father, Antonio LaGattuta & Grandfather Guiseppe LaGattuta, both born in Mezzojuso -both in the 19th century. Grandmother, Francesca Perniciaro also from Mezzojuso

149. Loretta Martin loretta.martin@tsjc.cccoes.edu Trinidad, CO

150. Lou Yannich (originally "Iannici") lounicci@worldnet.att.net Somerville, New Jersey 08876

  • Heard of us from: From info from Mr. Stradiotti
  • Villages: San Demetrio Corone
  • Surnames:
  • Comments: I just wanted to satisfy myself about my family background and perhaps find some of the family in San Demetrio Corone so I may visit before too long and also find an Arberesh club or association in my area.

151. Lou Sposa lousposa@sprynet.com Indian River Shores, FL

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: San Demetrio Corone & Acri
  • Surnames: Sposato & Greco

152. Lydia Theys lydiatheys@aol.com Woodbridge, CT 06525

  • Heard of us from: found you on Alta Vista
  • Villages: Macchia Albanese
  • Surnames: Legouri
  • Comments: My maiden name was Fazio, from the non-Arberesh village of Scala Coeli. I spent a day in Maccia last April trying ot track down relatives from the Leguori side of the family. I am interested in keeping in contact with others with similar interests.

153. Robert Malanga malanga.bob@worldnet.att.net New Jersey, USA

  • Heard of us from: Family member
  • Villages: Barile
  • Surnames: Malanga, Mecca, Rendina, Grimolizzi, Peretta, Sigilito
  • Comments: Most of my family was born in or around Barile (Province of Potenza). My maternal grandparents migrated to the US in the early 1900's, and my father migrated to the US around 1960. My parents, both of which had roots in Barile, then met in New Jersey and married. I vistied Barile once and still have cousins and other relatives there as well as in other portions of Italy.

154. Matteo Mandalą mandala.matteo@ipalet.unipa.it Piana degli Albanesi (Hora e Arbereshevet), Palermo, Italia

  • Heard of us from: E xura ka nje mik, kolegu Franēesko Altimari
  • Villages: Hora e Arbereshevet dhe horat (katundet) e tjera ku ka arbėreshė

155. Marc Di Maggio marc.dimaggio@rez.com Phoenix, AZ

  • Heard of us from: yahoo search
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina, Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Di Maggio, Musacchia, Bruno, Plescia
  • Comments: My father's ancestors migrated to New Orleans and later to Independence, Lousiana, around the turn of the century.

156. Marco Pillitteri marco.pp@usa.net Piana degli Albanesi, Palermo, Italy

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi, Santa Cristina Gela, Mezzojuso, Contessa Entellina, Palazzo Adriano and all Calabrian Arberesh village
  • Surnames: Riolo, Cardarella, Caldarella, Pillitteri, Meccio, Zuccaro.....
  • Comments: This site is a good idea to use the new technology for connecting all part of our blody, Arberesh blody. Falem gjithe Arberesh e jetes. (My best wishes at all world's Arberesh).

157. LoCascio Marc mbl@sinister.com Boston, MA (by way of New Orleans)

  • Surnames: Contessa Entellina

158. Maryrose Sorci megaduece@aol.com Morgan Hill, CA, USA

  • Heard of us from: Through an e-mail from Sal Burriesci of New York
  • Villages: Mezzojuso
  • Surnames: Burriesci, Pinnola, La Barbera, Achille, Leone, Bisagna, Masi, Lo Meli and Canino
  • Comments: I would like to correspond with anyone who might have information connecting me with anything concerning the surnames listed above!

159. Joanne Palmer mjpalm@iw.edwpub.com Edwardsville, Ill.formally North Philly, Pa

  • Heard of us from: Searching the Web
  • Villages: Montecilfone
  • Surnames: Rapatono,Ciarlando/Ciarlante/Ciarlatto,Carlini,Pallotte
  • Comments: My father came to America when he was a teenager and returned to Montecilfone when he was ready to find a wife. After marrring my mother, my father returned to America to earn enough money to send for my mother. My mother came to America in 1921 and my parents made their first home in Conshohocken, Pa. Later they moved to Philadelphia and were part of Our Lady of Pompeii Parish where their were many other imigrants who spoke the dialect of Albanese. My mother spoke Albanese and I was able to understand her however never spoke the language myself. It has been many years since I heard the language and would like to rekindle my knowledge of my first language. I never knew any members of my extended family as they all remained in Ilaly. I would be thrilled to learn of my roots. My dream is to visit Italy and experience the place of my parents birth.

160. Michael LaCorte mlacorte@esn.net North Carolina

  • Heard of us from: surfing
  • Villages: Piana dei Greci
  • Surnames: Scalia, LaCorte
  • Comments: Just starting to put together the facts. would appreciate any info available. will share the little that i have so far.

161. Mauro Mecca mmecca@pvsc.com Montville, NJ 07045

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: Barile
  • Surnames: Mecca, Rendina, Schiro, Perretta, Grimolizzi and Malanga
  • Comments: Both my father, Mauro, and mother, Rafaella, were born in Barile in 1894 and 1899, respectively, and settled in Passaic, NJ. To my knowledge, other immigrants from Barile settled in Lawrence, MA, Westchester County, NY, Brooklyn, NY, and Long Island, NY.

162. steve serembe mrtoad@comstocknet.com San Bernardino, Ca.

  • Heard of us from: I was previously on the list.
  • Villages: San Demetrio Corone, Vaccarizzo Albanese
  • Surnames: Serembe, Tocci

163. Evangelia Nani nani@otenet.gr Greece

  • Heard of us from: Through the mailing list of Hellenes-Diaspora
  • Comments: I have been told that my family name sounds rather...Albanian , or sth like that. My ancestors were Sarakatsanaioi (a group of genuine Greek shepherds )and lived in the region of Souli , in Epirus , Greece.There are not , however , any contacts with Albanians mentioned by the older reletives.

164. Nicholas Kontos nicolak@webtv.net Elyria, Ohio

  • Heard of us from: Tom Briggs suggested that it might be useful in my search of ancestors who might have made the reverse trek from yours at approximately the same times.
  • Surnames: The Greek surname with possible Italian origins is Bovoleti.
  • Comments: I wonder if you realized that there are still Albanian speaking villages remaining in Greece even in the Southwestern Peloponnessos. From reading your Arberesh web sites I realize that they are probably your very close kinsmen. The name that I am researching, however, is not from one of those villages. The name is Bovoleti and is found in Andravida, Illias, Greece, the north western corner of the Peloponnessos close to the ports and islands of the Ionian Sea. Any suggested resources would be appreciated.

165. fredrick licursi nklicurs@ucinet.com pendleton,oregon 97801

  • Heard of us from: I,m all new to this research just messing around on the internet
  • Villages: ?
  • Surnames: ?
  • Comments: My father Nicholas and brother Joseph were born in Hurlburton NY. The sons of Constantine Licursi. Does anyone know how to help me trace my ancestry using this much information

166. Michael Matranga oregon11@selway.umt.edu Missoula,Mt 59801 usa

  • Heard of us from: Web searching
  • Villages: Piana de Grecci (aka Piana deyli Albanesi?)
  • Surnames: Matranga
  • Comments: My grandparents Joesph Nad Virginia Matranga were born in Piana De Grecci. They imigrated to the us thru New orleans around 1900. They lived in Nebraska and Indiana before settling in Sacramento,CA where they lived until their deaths in 1960 & 1965. I am interested in my family history and any help would be appreciated.

167. Fern DeLise paralegl@clarityconnect.com NY

  • Heard of us from: While researching Italian Renaissance Architecture.
  • Villages: Mezzijuso
  • Surnames: Di Lisi
  • Comments: Trip to Sicialia in early 98 gave me opportunity to learn that many of the Di Lisi's were involved in the governing of the town. Grandfather was first to break 100 year tradition of going back to get a wife to bring to America.

168. Vic Scutari patvic@valinet.com Wendell, MA 01379

  • Heard of us from: Internet contact
  • Villages: San Cosantino Potenza
  • Surnames: Scutari
  • Comments: am trying to trace my heritage

169. Paolo Barcia pbarcia@tin.it Florence, Italy

  • Heard of us from: By surfing the net.
  • Villages: Palazzo Adriano, Palermo, Sicily
  • Surnames: Barcia
  • Comments: My father died when I was stilla youngster and not interested in the history of the family. However (I must have been 9 years old at the time I remember my grandma showing me some old documents and telling me that our famimy came from the Montenegrin-Albanian Balsha. I scantily recall her telling me of a Giovanni Balsha (Ivan?) coming to Italy in the XV century, at the head of a corp of 500 horsemen, to help king Ferdinand 1st of Naples against the French.

170. patti-ann russoniello perus@cris.com orlando, fl

  • Heard of us from: web surfing
  • Villages: not sure
  • Surnames: Cadicamo, Belushi, DeFrank, Falbo
  • Comments: both my parents passed away at a young age and i never got the chance to ask them about this albanian ancestry. my father spoke arberesh but being so young it never interested me. now that i have my own child i would like for him to know his roots

171. Marjorie Tortajada petegato@hotmail.com Edison, NJ, USA

  • Heard of us from: John
  • Surnames: Bucalo, Di Bua, Bellacchi

172. Marjorie Tortajada petegato@usa.net Edison, NJ 08817

  • Heard of us from: From John Cusimano
  • Villages: Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, San Piero Patti both in Messina Province.
  • Surnames: Bucalo, Di Bua
  • Comments: I have been trying for two yeras to find out if the surname Bucalo is Arberesh with no luck. I have found many of them listed in the Slovenia online phone book. I wrote to the Albanian Embassy in DC, but the letter came back that they had moved and were MIA. I'm at a loss as to what to do.

173. Lou Pizzuti pizzut19@earthlink.net Clay, NY

  • Heard of us from: I was one of original members & had to leave for a few days
  • Villages: All of them, but especially Ururi and other Northern Arberesh Towns
  • Surnames: Pizzuti, Larino, Calvitti, DiNardo, Giarusso

174. Father Patrick Joseph Perez pjperez@flash.net San Francisco, CA USA

  • Heard of us from: surfing the Web
  • Villages: Eianina, Frascineto, Castrovillari
  • Surnames: Rodota, Braile, Pace, and Sangenito
  • Comments: My mother's maternal grandparents, Catherina (Braile) and Giuseppe Rodota came from Eianina (Porcile at the time) to San Francisco about 100 years ago. My maternal great-grandmother had two brothers, Domenico Braile, who settled in Buenos Aires, and the other, whose name escapes me, went to Sao Paolo. My mother's paternal grandparents were Theresa (Pace) and Gaetano Sangenito. Theresa Pace was from Frascineto and Gaetano Sangenito was from Castrovillari. They came to this country about the same time (turn of the century) and settled in the countryside north Vacaville, CA. They all already knew each other from "the old country", and so my grandparents, Angelina Catherina Rodota and Giuseppe Carlo Sangenito were promised to each other at a very young age. They married in 1927 and moved to S.F., where they remained until my grandfather's death in 1992, followed by my grandmothers death in 1996. I myself am a Catholic priest of the Traditional (i.e. "Tridentine") Rite. I studied in Italy, where I was ordained in 1993. I was always fascinated by the Arberesh which my grandmother spoke at home and with her Arberesh friends, of whom there were quite a few in our part of San Francisco. Unfortunately, I only remember a few words (not all of them clean),but I would like to learn more. Also, I might be a little off on who was from which village as I am relying entirely on my all-too-fallible memory!

175. Victor Guariglia pqca60a@prodigy.com Hawthorne,N.J. 07506 USA

  • Heard of us from: Pointers NETWORk meeting
  • Villages: Agnone Cilento, Ortodonico, Montecorice, Acquavella
  • Surnames: Guariglia,Cammarota, Cuono, Ciongoli

176. Jay Pulli pulli@elohi.com Fairfax, Virginia USA

  • Heard of us from: Came across the web site.
  • Villages: Cortale, Caraffa, Vena di Maida, Catanzaro
  • Surnames: Pulli, Guzzo
  • Comments: I suspect that I am of Arberesh descent. My father's family is from Calabria, and I spent a week in Calabria in Sept 98 searching for family. I also run a web site of my photography in Italy called The Italian Image of the Week. View it at http://www.elohi.com/photo/italy/ or see my home page at http://www.pulli.com

177. Ricardo Leal rgleal@usp.br Brazil

  • Heard of us from: Searching the origins of my "bisnono", BAFFA Angelo in the Internet.
  • Villages: I'm interested in all the Arbėresh villages in the province of Cosenza, Calabria, Italy.
  • Surnames: BAFFA

178. Heather Megee rhmegee@thesocket.com California

  • Villages: Maschito, Italy
  • Surnames: Renna
  • Comments: I have only just begun researching my maternal grandfather's family. He was Andrew Renna, born in Maschito, Italy in 1861. I have very little experience with the Arberesh culture, and would appreciate any possible suggestions regarding where I should begin my research! Thank you for your time...

179. Richard DiStefano richard@leaptoad.com Pennsylvania

  • Heard of us from: I was around when the list was born.
  • Villages: Mezzojuso, Sicily.
  • Surnames: Reres, Sulli, Cuccia.

180. Richie Bavasso richieb@pharmedica.com Pawcatuck, Connecticut, USA

  • Heard of us from: Family tree search of the internet
  • Villages: All related to the name Bavasso
  • Surnames: Bavasso
  • Comments: I turn 40 this year. As far back as I can remember, my family has been divided into a friendly dispute over whether or not we were of Italian or Albanian ancestry. I am very excited to have found this site in order to shed some light on this dispute.

181. Dena (DeChiara) Pedersen rpeder@raex.com Canton, Ohio

  • Heard of us from: Bob, my husband
  • Villages: Greci, Avellino Province, Italy (had previously been Greci di Puglia)
  • Surnames: DeChiara (originally DiChiara), DioGuardi, Filaseta, Norcia, Pucci, Rex, Sasso
  • Comments: All of my ancestors came from Greci. They were proud to tell you they were from "Greci di Puglia" or "Katundi". I learned to speak Gheger from my grandmother (she did not speak English). I visited Greci in 1995 and stayed there with my first cousin, Nicola DiChiara. I saw the place where my father was born. I also visited four 1st cousins who were born in Greci, but now live in or near Prato (by Florence). There are many people living in Canton with roots in Greci. They always greet me with "see vem ee" when we meet and I reply "vemi mead".

182. Brother Ron Santoro rsantoro@stjohnsprep.org Danvers, Ma

  • Heard of us from: from Dick Vara atthe Greci Cugini page
  • Villages: Greci, province of Avellino
  • Surnames: Capozzi, Carraturo,Norcia,Vara,Sasso,Rex,Seta
  • Comments: i've had some genealogical info which I collected from my grandmother about 40 years ago and have kept ever since. Ive always been interested in all things Grecesi, including history, architecture, arts, cooking etc. The Greci cugini page has been a big help.

183. Ron Vattimo rvatimo3@juno.com Levittown,PA

  • Heard of us from: www.leapfrog.com
  • Villages: Spezzano Albanese
  • Surnames: Vattimo,Mauro,Rovello,Sagolla
  • Comments: My Paternal Gfather& GMother both spoke Aberesh. It wasn't until recently that I understood our history and heritage. I am in contact with Vattimo's in the USA, Italy and Argentina in an effort to retrace our emmigration. I am still seeking my GFather's brother who went to Agentina. I have compiled an Excel file of Vattimo's and related spellings from ships lists into NYC from LDS microfilm and will share with anyone intersted. Regards, Ron

184. Ron Vattimo rvattimo3@juno.com Levittown, PA, USA

  • Heard of us from: ABeresh Search
  • Villages: Spezzano ALbanese
  • Surnames: Vattimo, Mauro,Sagolla, Rovella
  • Comments: This message is to subscribe, only. My other postings are public

185. Ron Stavale rxstav@voyager.net Detroit, Michigan

  • Heard of us from: Doing geneology research.
  • Villages: San Giacomo de Cerzeto and surronding mountain villages.
  • Comments: I am looking for a lost connection from my grandfathers family. My grandfather, Natale, left a brother, Nicola, in San Giacomo around 1900. My great grandfather moved to South America earlier then that and we have had no contact with either. I am looking for help in trying to locate relatives in San Giacomo and eventually visiting there.

186. Salvatore GRECO salgreco@acs.ryerson.ca Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Heard of us from: I came across it, net-searching for more Arbereshe information. I was delighted to find that John Cusimano had left space on his website for "Alleanza Italo-Albanese Di Toronto".
  • Villages: Pallagorio Barile San Demetrio Corone
  • Surnames: Greco Figlia Bellizzi DiPasquale
  • Comments: I'm the Secretary of "Alleanza Italo-Albanese Di Toronto". We have approximately 175 families we know of Arberesh background in the Toronto Area. Our President is Franco Figlia. I work producing films and television programs, and presently I work at Ryerson University, in the Video Post Production Facility. I'd like to thank John Cusimano and everyone who has helped to provide this service.

187. Suzanne Camino scamino@umich.edu Ann Arbor, MI

  • Heard of us from: From Lou Pizzuti
  • Villages: All of them, but especially Ururi, Campomarino and the other Arberesh villages of Molise
  • Surnames: Camino, Calvitti, Miozzi, Pizzuti
  • Comments: As an ethnomusicologist who studies Albanian music, I am especially interested in Arberesh music and performers.


  • Heard of us from: FROM MY SON TONY

189. PATRICIA SCHIRO schiro@txcyber.com Bedias, Grimes County, Texas USA

  • Heard of us from: Christine Elia
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina & Piana degli Albanesi
  • Comments: My husband is Nicholas John SCHIRO, JR. His grandfather, Biaggio SCHIRO migrated to New Orleans, LA from Contessa Entellina, Sicilia in 1882 with his parents Nicolo'SCHIRO, Giuseppa PATELLA-SCHIRO, sisters, Giuseppa & Anna SCHIRO. I was not aware the grandfather was Arberesh until I started to research the SCHIRO name. I have since become obsessed with learning as much as I can about the ancestry & history of this Arberesh family.

190. Joseph LaCentra semper12@earthlink.net Hayward,California

  • Heard of us from: From Ann LaCentra Backen Maschito booklet
  • Villages: Maschito, Potenza
  • Surnames: Romano,LaCentra,Milano, Abrusezze
  • Comments: My father was born in Maschito in 1899 and died in 1995.We plan to visit Maschito and southern Italy next year. We were there last year in the northern part,and I must say enjoyed Italy very much. Thank you Joseph LaCentra

191. Atanasio V. Formosa shenjt@yahoo.com Phila., PA USA

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano Italo-Albanian homepage
  • Villages: Santa Sofia D' Epiro (Shen Sofia) San Demetrio (Shen Mitri) Acri Cosenza
  • Surnames: Formosa ( i BUKUR) Baffa Busa Fillipelli Vocaturro Lamelza
  • Comments: Our family is from the villages of S.SOFIA ,SAN Demetrio, Acri , and the Mollise village of Montecifone . I have visited S.Sofia numerous times, and have an extended family ,of cousins, aunts and uncles; with the above surnames mentioned .MAY 2nd is the great feast day of our GREEK PATRON SAINT : SHEN THANAS (SAN ATTANASIO). The double "T" spelling is reserved only for the saint. I grew up in an ABRESHE community in north Phila, and was baptized at OUR LADY OF POMPEii CHURCH. We resided at that time @ 5th & Pike Sts. Now relocated to another area of abereshe family members in Manyunk PHILA . My experiences have been with my Calabrian side of the family. I look foward to information exchange on customs, religion (eastern rite) etc...

192. Steven Matranga sicilian@cwo.com Elk Grove, California, USA

  • Heard of us from: On the Internet.
  • Villages: Piana Degli Albesi
  • Surnames: Muschetto, Matranga
  • Comments: My Grandfather migrated from Piana Degli Albanesi in the early 1900's. I visited this beautiful town in 1987, hoping to find some distant relatives.

193. Francesco Penza simmera@tin.it Perugia, Italy

  • Heard of us from: From John Cusimano
  • Surnames: Bua: any tie with "Vua" (Bova), the Greek Calabrian village? Greco: very widespread also in Salento... about the 40% of Caprarica (LE) inhabitants have this name.
  • Comments: ehm... My personal interest is the Salentine Greece (Grecģa Salentina): http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/4436/ BTW all linguistic minorities in Italy are intresting for me!;-)

194. antonella vaglica sky.antonella@usa.net Firenze, Italy

  • Heard of us from: from John Cusimano
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi (Piana dei Greci before 1930)
  • Surnames: Parrino, Merrino, Merino, Marino. I think that Parrino is the original surname.
  • Comments: I'm tring to get in touch with some my cousins called Parrino or Merrino. I'm interessed to have all news about every events. Thanks.Antonella.

195. Salvatore Lagattuta slagattu@gte.net Bronx, New York (U.S.A.)

  • Heard of us from: I assisted at the creation of the Arberesh Internet Mail-List.
  • Villages: Mezzojuso (primarily), and the additional Sicilian Arberesh villages (Contessa Entellina, Palazzo Adriano, Piana degli Albanesi; Campofelice di Fitalia, Santa Cristina Gela; Biancavilla, Bronte, Sant'Angelo Muxara, San Michele di Ganzeria).
  • Surnames: Barcia, Bidera, Buccula, Carnesi, Figlia, Reres, Schiro', Tavolacci
  • Comments: You are welcome to visit my web-site, "Mezzojuso Heritage Pages", at http://home1.gte.net/slagattu/index.htm , that is dedicated to my ancestral hometown of Mezzojuso and to the Siculo-Albanian villages.

196. mike giovingo sludgemullet@patmos-international.com berlin,maryland

  • Heard of us from: i spotted a cousin's inquiry on the net
  • Villages: contessa entellina
  • Surnames: clesi, liuzza ,romano,bruno ,grari
  • Comments: until lately i have known little about my sicilian heritage and what little my parents told me.however i was taught to speak fluent sicilian but when mom and dad wanted to say something they didn't want the kids to understand ,they would speak ge ge along with all the other aunta and uncles[we eventually learned how but didn't tell them. I am 61 years old and would like to pass this rich culture down to future generations.In my years of meeting many people from different walks of life and different ethnic backgrounds,i have discovered why i am so proud to be not an italian,but a sicilian arberesh and i want my family to share in this pride.

197. Susan PETTA-Nokes snokes@tscnet.com Pouslbo, WA. USA

  • Heard of us from: Been here before on my other computer before it crashed
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Petta Guzetta LaPiana Cusimano Guzmano Balsamo
  • Comments: I am relatted to Filippo Petta who came to America through New Orleans, Louisiana with some of his sons. They worked for the railroad and settled in Illinois/Wisconsin. A branch of PETTA's went out to Arizona...I am related to them.

198. Sylvia O'Brien sobrien@csubak.edu Bakersfield, CA

199. No name given stradiotti@telaforma.com

200. Nick (Nicolo) Myers (Minisci) sylnic@gim.net Philadelphia, PA USA

  • Heard of us from: John D. Cusimano Emailed me to contact you.
  • Villages: San Giorgio Albanese
  • Surnames: Minisci, Scavella, Feracco
  • Comments: I'm 2nd generation Albanese. My grandfather and grandmother were born in San Giorgio Albanse and came to America in 1885. My mother was born in San Giorgio Albanese and my father was born in Dunmore, Pennsylvania just outside of Scranton, PA. They married in 1906 in Philadelphia and had 11 children. I'm the sixth child. I have been tracing the village and the background on my ancestors in a genealogy research and would like to gather more data.

201. Tamlynn Niglio tamlynn@lucasarts.com California, U.S.A.

  • Heard of us from: n/a
  • Villages: n/a
  • Surnames: n/a
  • Comments: I am resubscribing to the mail list version to see if it works better for me than the digest version. The digests are coming to me with each email posting listed as an enclosure. Very difficult to read and keep up with this list due to this problem. I will unsubscribe to the digest as soon as I start getting the individual mail postings from the list so as not to miss anything.

202. Toni Cerniglia tcern@ulink.net Sacramento, CA

  • Heard of us from: Form my nephew
  • Villages: piana degli albanesi
  • Surnames: cerniglia fabiano tontillo

203. Penny Anderson tenpfennig@aol.com Tujunga CA

  • Heard of us from: internet search
  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Gallina, Caronna, Guidera

204. Thomas DeAngelo thomas.deangelo@chase.com Staten Island, NY

  • Heard of us from: Member of 'Il Circolo Mezzojusaro'
  • Villages: Mezzojuso
  • Surnames: Schillizzi

205. tony ebertz tmojo@aol.com St. Paul, MN 55106

  • Villages: Palazzo Adriano Contessa Entellina Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Grana, Sciales, Costa, Schiro, Manale. Plescia,

206. Tony Schiro tonys@serv.net Seattle, WA, USA

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: Mezzojuso, Palermo Province
  • Surnames: SCHIRO, possibly others

207. TONY SCHIRO tonys@volcano.net SONORA CA.

  • Heard of us from: Actually I was browsing around TONY SCHIRO's web sight (serv.net) a different person with the same name as I. And I came across this sight for the aberesh. I feel I have been very fortunate to find this sight and to be able to communicate with others with this same interest. I guess I have learned alot from those who have researched our history and culture and feel I'm in debt to them. at least to say thanks sincerely, as I would never have known our rich history.
  • Villages: mostly piana de albanesi or (greci) as our family came from this village. I am also interested in messojusso and piana adriano.
  • Surnames: mostly SCHIRO as that is my last name!
  • Comments: I am interested in all of our history, not just those with my last name, I liked very much the home page for the ABERESH, (WE ARE ONE BLOOD)! So be it.

208. Victoria Huegel torken@nac.net Bridgewater, NJ

  • Heard of us from: Dogpile Search Engine
  • Villages: San Nicola Dell'Alto, in Calabria
  • Surnames: Basta, Liotti Others may pop up as I continue my research.
  • Comments: My grandfather came to America circa 1905. He was proud of his "Albanese" heritage, and spoke of it often. I was 18 when he died in 1988, and I'm trying to retrace the family history now. Unfortunately, most of the older generation has died, so my personal resources are limited.

209. Tom Paternoster tpaternoster@snet.net Sandy Hook, CT 06482

  • Heard of us from: Searching Internet
  • Villages: Barile
  • Surnames: Paternoster, Giammetteo, Mazzeo
  • Comments: My parents and grandparents were born in Barile.

210. Henry R. Schiro umllhrs@juno.com Kingsville, Texas, USA

  • Heard of us from: Leita Spoto e-mailed an article to us about the Arberesh. I looked it up on internet.
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina, my grandfather and great- grandfather were born there. I would also like to know about Piana degli Albanesi, because some of my family on my grandmother's side were from there.
  • Surnames: Schiro and Calliva
  • Comments: I am trying to find out more information about my heritage. I find that it is very interesting and would like to learn more. I would also like to learn about my lineage. I would like to be able to pass these things down to future gener- ations.

211. Robert Mandala unibrow@fn.net Wichita,KS

  • Heard of us from: a subscriber, Jeff Mandala
  • Villages: Palermo Monreale
  • Surnames: Mandala
  • Comments: nope

212. Judith Peterson vern_peterson@bbs.macnexus.org Sacramento, CA USA

  • Villages: Piana degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: Guidera, Sinatra

213. Vito Parisi vituzzi@att.net Sacramento, CA USA

  • Heard of us from: Received E-mail from J. Cusimano, et-al
  • Villages: All, particularly, Piana Degli Albanesi
  • Surnames: All, including Parisi, Virga, Zuccaro

214. Vincent Petta vpetta@aol.com Sacramento, CA

  • Heard of us from: Friend
  • Villages: Piana degli Abanesi
  • Surnames: Petta

215. Vincent S. Spero (Spera) vspero@msn.com

  • Heard of us from: Leita Spoto/Smith,John Cusimano
  • Villages: Contessa Entellia
  • Surnames: Spera,Lombardo,Amodeo & Nocilla
  • Comments: I know my Nonno Giuseppe Spera was born in Contessa Entellina 4/?/ 1881,but I can't find hard evidence of this,I am interested in joining the Contessa Entellina Society in New Orleans.Here in the Kansas City Mo area there has been a few families from Albania move in, they are really suprised to hear me speak to them in the few words I rememberfrom my Grand parents.Any information I receive will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Grazie & Faleminderit

216. Alfredo Staffa whereits@email.com Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Heard of us from: Search engine
  • Villages: Mongrassano, Cerzeto
  • Surnames: Staffa, Tudda

217. William (Bill) Keillor Jr. wkeillor@sol.racsa.co.cr Costa Rica

  • Heard of us from: Dick Vara of Greci Cugini
  • Villages: Greci
  • Comments: Would like to know about Arberesh customs in the Greci area of Italy.

218. William Puhl wpuhl10775@aol.com Philadelphia, PA USA

219. K. Sulli wyndknyght@aol.com California, U.S.A.

220. Nikolaos Xirotiris xirot@demokritos.cc.duth.gr Komotini, Greece

  • Heard of us from: Hellenes-diaspora-L
  • Comments: scientific work

221. Bill & Andrea Golia Boydstun yankee@wt.net Houston, TX

  • Heard of us from: Searching for "arberesh" on search engines...
  • Villages: San Cosmo Albanese
  • Comments: Looking for origins of surname Golia ...

222. Cat Nielsen yukon2-emf.net Berkeley, CA

  • Heard of us from: John Cusimano
  • Villages: Contessa Entellina
  • Surnames: Loverde, Rezza, Lala, Catalano, Locascio, Clesi,Liuzza, Cuccia,Collica,Calcagno,Tortorici,D'Ambolo, Parrino, Di Napoli
  • Comments: After a visit to Italy in 1970, I told my granny how everyone pegged me for a Sicilian. She was adamant her family was NOT Sicilian, they were from the village of Contessa. She was delighted when I took up Italian, and related words for various foods. Her word were not what I was learning. I sortof wrote this off to old age, and not having spoken the family language for many many years. But the only village in Italy I could find with Contessa in its name was the village of Contessa Entellina, Sicilia. John Cusimano solved the puzzle several years ago when he advised me of the Arberesh background of Contessa. So, although the family lived in Sicily for several hundred years, they were not Sicilian. I saw a photo of the people in one of the Albanian villages under seige, I was looking at the faces of my Grandmother's family. Am interested in working with others researching the same family names.

223. K. Sulli zefyrwynd@aol.com California, United States

  • Villages: Palazzo Adriano and the outlying villages about Palermo.
  • Surnames: Sulli and Costa.